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FAQ 8: After-Sales Service & Support


After-Sales Service & Support


FAQ #8 provides information and answers to questions should you discover your IDM products faulty.  We also cover off our policies on alterations and refunds as well as alterations you may want to make to pre-existing window treatments not supplied to you by Ideal Drape Makers.


Intended to be comprehensive
A living document - we will be continuing to add to, and refine its contents
Provides insight and transparency into the way we conduct business
A working guide that will assist you on your journey with us.

FAQ 8: After-Sales Service & Support

After Sales Service

What is your policy on alterations to pre-existing window treatments (Not provided by Ideal Drape Makers)?

Pr-existing Window Treatments (Not Provided by Ideal Drape Makers)


Ideal Drape Makers takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any damages to pre-existing window treatments that we have been asked to alter.


Examples include and are not limited to: 


1. Where a roller blind is required to be cut back or adjusted and the blind breaks due to age and/or wear and tear. 


2. If a curtain is being unpicked for adjustment or relining and the pre-existing fabric is damaged or is incapable of being altered without incurring damage (i.e due to the age of the fabric). 


3. Where a pelmet to be re-upholstered breaks due to the poor condition of the underlying wood or materials that comprise the pre-existing pelmet.


Ideal Drape Makers will take the utmost care when performing alterations to existing treatments on a best-effort basis only, and with formal acknowledgement from the customer of our limited liability.


For drapery products it is a requirement under Health and Occupational Safety regulations and the customer's responsibility, that the drapes be pre-cleaned prior to delivery to Ideal Drape Makers for alteration. 

What is your policy with regard to faulty product?

What is covered?


Ideal Drape Makers provides a retail guarantee against faulty workmanship or installation for a period of 2 years for that component of the window treatment manufacture that Ideal Drape Makers is responsible for.  We term this manufacturing component ‘Makings’ plus ‘Installation.’


Warranties offered on fabrics, materials and componentry ranges from Twelve months to five years or more. The quality fabrics we use in our soft window treatments and roman blinds typically carry a warranty of Three years. Curtain tracks, on the other hand, may only carry a warranty of Twelve months. 


Examples of ‘makings’ is all the work we perform, typically sewing curtain headings, adding trims, hems, etc.  So faulty stitching is covered under the definition of ‘makings’ while a fault in the working mechanism of a curtain track or a flaw in the fabric is covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty attached to that product.


Because warranties on the inputs of our window treatments (Manufacturer warranties which we essentially pass on to you), will and do vary, we will advise you of the warranties associated with fabrics, materials and components at the time of your window treatment solution(s) quotation.


For drapery products (including Pelmets, Swags & Tails), Ideal Drape Makers, where the fabrics or materials suffer defects not related to normal wear and tear, will honour the same warranty in relation to defective goods. In incidents where this occurs Ideal Drape Makers will coordinate the inspection of the defective products and / or materials by the manufacturer’s representative and once accepted, undertake any remaking’s required to restore the defective window treatment to its original condition. 


What’s ‘not’ covered?


The blinds and drapery warranties do not cover the following:


Any blind products and / or tracks ordered outside the normal specification, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, damage, alterations and normal wear and tear. 


Maintenance and care not in accordance with recommended instructions. 


Incorrect installation not installed by Ideal Drape Makers


Ideal Drape Makers will not be responsible for any or further subsequent loss or damage, for example installation costs and other expenses where Ideal drape Makers were not the installers of the original window treatment. 


If goods are delivered to our factory, as opposed to being taken down by Ideal Drape Makers, no responsibility will be taken by Ideal Drape Makers for further damage caused by poor packaging or miss-handling during transit. 


Ideal Drape Makers must be given the opportunity to repair any faulty workmanship or damaged goods in the first instance. 


If not originally delivered and installed by Ideal Drape Makers, then it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the goods are taken down, packaged and returned to Ideal Drape Makers at their own expense. The customer may elect to have Ideal Drape Makers perform this service for an additional charge.


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We would like to invite you to leave feedback and any suggestions on how we can make this FAQ better if you feel we have not addressed an FAQ question adequately, or you feel we need to add further questions and answers to this FAQ; please comment below. Our FAQs are 'living guides' so we intend to update them regularly and incorporate the feedback we receive. 




The IDM Family.



No pulling teeth with IDM
No pulling teeth with IDM

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned. We hear horror stories regularly of appalling after-sales service from some of our competitors. We believe that it is a privilege to serve you, especially when you have problems with our treatments. - We see it as an opportunity to prove to you just how good we are and that it will give you even more reason to think and say good things about us.

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Turning a deaf ear - Never!
Turning a deaf ear - Never!

We know for a fact that there are less reputable operators in our market who would rather turn a deaf ear to a customer issue or problem then deal with it. - Not so at IDM. We want to return you to your happy place as soon as possible and keep you there.

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Word of mouth..
Word of mouth..

We have never forgotten that our parents succeeded in business purely from 'word of mouth.' And one of the the ways we gauge our success is the number of repeat customers who return more than a decade and a half later, insisting on dealing with the family at IDM again.

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30 years and still here
30 years and still here

We have had 30 years of experience in the business. We plan on being around for another 30 and will look forward to seeing you at least once or twice more. Our products last for many years (just not forever!)

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