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FAQ Centre - Comprehensive FAQs on how to purcahse custom made window treatments

Initial Phone Consultation


We really do mean what we say when we claim that our quality custom-made curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings are capable of transforming your house into a home.  


Further, any quality window treatments made for your windows are, with care, going to not only look good, but last literally for many years; so it is important that you do not rush into making your decision, and give full consideration to the many choices you will have to make.


It is our job to help guide you to developing and realising your vision, so that you receive perfect window treatment solutions that you'll be happy to live with for many years to come. 


The following questions are designed to start you off on the right foot. (Before you even pick up the phone to call us or one of our competitors). 


Some of the questions may seem rather inane, but it is surprising how even the simplest questions and their answers, can often be completely overlooked by customers.



Intended to be comprehensive
A living document - we will be continuing to add to, and refine its contents
Provides insight and transparency into the way we conduct business
A working guide that will assist you on your journey with us.
FAQ:1 Initial Phone Consultation

Select from tens of thousands of fabrics on our online store!

FAQ 1: Initial phone consultation

Before you pick up the phone

Why do I want to purchase window treatements?

Understanding 'why' you want a particular window treatement allows us to work with you at developing a solution that best suits your needs. 


Some common reason for purchasing window treatments may include and are not limited to the following: 


  • Privacy and Security

  • Insulation and energy saving benefits

  • Decorative 

  • Replacment of existing outdated or failing window treatments

  • As a result of a building extension

  • As a result of an insurance claim.

  • A desire to upate existing window treatments. 

  • Rental properties that require replacment treatments for a variety of reasons.

  • Moving place of business or residence.

  • An event or function that requires the provision of a treatment.


For how many windows do I want window treatments?

Knowing how many windows and whether they are of an irregular size or shape will assist us should you want to schedule an appontment for a consultant to visit you as part of our free in-home consultation service.

What is my budget (or budget range)?

It is very important when speaking to a consultant from Ideal Drape Makers, or any reputable supplier of window treatments, that you have an idea of your budget range.  You need to be as honest as possible, and realistic. 


Depending on the type of the number of windows, the style of treatment and quality of fabrics, materials and components, the price you receive may range considerably. 


It is not the parctice of Ideal Drape Makers to 'pad-up' a quotation to meet your budget limits, nor do we believe it is the practice of any long established and reputable supplier of quality window treatments.


We value your custom and much of our business, over two generations, has been built on word of mouth recommendations.


We recommend only quality products that are backed by premier after-sales warranty and service. Quality does not always equate with expensive, but not declaring at least an indication of your budget or budget range is a recipe for disappointment both you,  the propsective customer, and the family at Ideal Drape Makers, who will no doubt loose your business because you were not prepared for the price attached to a solution that was beyond your budget.


When this occurs, at best we are given the opportunity to requote and provided details of a quality solution that will provide you with the best value for money, given your budget. Unfortunately, this prolongs the consultation and sales process, causes frustration and we think, unfairly damages the first impressions you will have formed of our business.


More often, the potential customer moves on to another supplier, informed and educated through their interactions with our consultants and the quotation received from us, to make a purchase from a competitor who provides a quotation that the consultant from Ideal Drape Makers  could have easily provided had we been advised of your budgetry constraints from the outset.


When dealing with suppliers of custom made quality window treatments it is essential you provide the consultant with an indication of your budget or buget range from the outset - even if it is only a rough estimate or guideline.


Ideal Drape Makers are expert at: 


1. Advising you of available trade-offs that have maximum impact on price without unduly impacting the integrity or quality of the solution you have in mind 


2. Ideal Drape Makers will be the first to admit to you, if despite any trade-offs, the solution you have in mind is just not possible given your budgetry constraints. 


3. Our consultants would rather walk away from a sale then sell you an infeiror quality solution. We take great pride in the quality solutions we provide. As such, we are not prepared to threaten our hard earned reptuation for providing only quality solutions and second to none customer service.


It is interesting to note that Independent consumer study reported that a happy customer is likely to spread the word of a good purchasing experience to at least 5 other people;  whereas an unhappy customer is likely to spread word of thier negative experience to 10 or more. Quality, customer service and business integrity are not only at the centre of our core values, but have proven to be pragmatic and commercially sound.  


In todays digital age the above quoted figures could be grossly underestimated as this interesting and highly entertaining article and short video demonstrates: "Myth - The average unhappy customer will tell 10 people about the poor service he or she received

How much effort am I prepared to spend cleaning and maintaining my window treatments?

Window treatment styles vary greatly, as does the amount of care and maintenance required to keep them looking good and operating as expected. An example is a Holland/Roller blind requires less maintenance and is generally easier to maintain then say a slimline-venetian blind which whilst easy to clean requires more time and effort.. 

Is it important that my window treatments be custom made? - Convince me!

In an attempt to be as even-handed as possible, the following attempts to point out the various pros and cons of both ready-made and custom made-to-measure window treatments.



Many mass produced and cheaply manufactured ready-made window treatments are substantially lower in price than their custom made equivalents.


Custom made-to measure window treatments are more expensive, however, they are tailored specifically for your windows, utilising higher grade fabrics, materials and componentry. 


Choice & Flexibility

Whilst ready-made curtains can be combined with other window treatments to create a composite look, this is often much more difficult to achieve due to more limited choices available in relation to colours, materials, and componentry.


Ready-made window treatment may also lack the extra features available to their custom-made counterparts, such as the case with the application of specialised or unique trims, or the combining of window treatment styles that complement each other and realise the design vision being crafted. 



Generally, because ready-made window treatments are mass produced, variations in quality and materials may and do occur. For example, it is not uncommon for different batch shipments of the same product to have been manufactured by different factories, introducing the possibility of inconsistencies between individual treatment units produced.


Ready-made treatments, in addition to the cost savings advantages associated with mass production,  also typically utilise cheaper, lower quality inputs. These window treatments are not usually as durable or long lasting as their custom-made counterparts which use higher grade fabrics, materials and componentry


Additionally, custom-made window treatments are backed by superior warranties and after sales service from companies that have been long established in the local Melbourne market.



The length of time you have to wait to receive your treatment is considerably shorter for ready-made window treatments which are available in standard sizes and can be delivered either directly off the shelf, or within a matter of a few days of an order being placed.


Additional time and money is saved due to the added flexibility afforded to you by not having to pay for the installation of your window treatments by a professional window installer - By installing the window treatments yourself you save on installation costs.


Custom made-to-measure window treatments can take many weeks longer to be delivered and installed as they are specifically tailored to your individual windows. The manufacturing of your window treatment(s) does not commence until you have placed your order, and after all selected fabrics, and componentry has been received by your manufacturer.


Despite the added length of time required to fulfil an order for custom-made window treatments, the incidence of defects is generally much lower and are discovered are rectified prior to your order being delivered and installed. 


Multiple window treatments are also of a consistent quality across the entire order. The inclusion of professional installation services, further improves the finished presentation of the window treatments, regardless of how many windows you have fitted.


It is commonplace for small variations to exist between physical windows that have been built to the same specification.  Yet these same windows, may be out of square, or do not precisely adhere to the original builders specification.


A professional installer is experienced at making any required adjustments to your window treatments during their installation, thus ensuring your treatments deliver the wow effect that was intended and envisaged by the customer. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to replicate equivalent wow effects with ready-made window treatments.


Ready-made window treatments do offer superior convenience, but for a truly designed look, custom made-to-measure window treatments offer more for your money - They fit better, look better, last longer and deliver a wow effect that will meet or exceed your design vision expectations.


How much 'operational use' am I going to be subjecting my window treatments to?

How often will you be opening and closing the curtains - This will be an important consideration amongst other considerations related to the the purchase of your window treatment solutions. The amount of usage your window treatments will receive will have a bearing on the selection of fabric, and the quality/durability of the operating mechanisms used to operate the treatments. 

What is nature of the household my window treatments will be installed into?

Children both young and old can have a dramatic impact on the condition of window treatments over time. As with treatments that are operated frequently, children can easily accellerate the amount of wear and tear on a given window treatment. 


In addition children, any pets should be taken into consideration. Pets and children are important considerations when selecting window treatment, styles, fabrics, materials and componentry.


Rest assured, the consultants at Ideal Drape Makers are experts at providing the right advice, given the circumstances of your household.

What are the questions I should ask when talking to Ideal Drape Makers about their window treatment solutions ?

Do I need fixed curtain treatments or will my windows benefit from operational treatments?

Fixed window treatments are typically used for decorative effect and to enhance the aesthetic presentation of other window treatments they are used with in combination. They may also be utilised for windows where there is no requirement for the treatement to be operational (ile. opened and closed). 


Your budgetry constraints can also determine whether fixed window treatements should be utilized; provided this application does not impact the overall integrity of the solution requirements as a whole.

Of your extensive range of 'header types' which ones should I be considering?

Selection of curtain header types will depend on a number of factors such as: 


  • The look you want to achieve. 

  • The decor or style of the room the window you wish to dress is located. 

  • The overall style of your home (i.e. contemporary, traditional, modern, beach, cottage, office, etc)

  • Whether the curtains are to be used as part of a composite window treatment solution, or in combination with other window treatment solutions used within the room or througout the house. 

  • The suitability and practical functionality of the intended window solution. (i.e. A sliding door requires a curtain header type on a track as opposed to a curtain on a fixed rod). 

  • Your budgetary constraints. The varying complexity of the manufacturing process for different header styles; the accessories required for different header styles, and the associated installation costs will have a direct impact on price. (i.e. A Rod-Pocket sheer is more cost effective than a sheer and track solution if the sheer does is not required to be operational.)


As discussed above, the selection of curtain header style will be affected by a number of factors. Depending on the solution requirement, the customer is often afford a degree of pricing flexibility that does not impact, or require the sacrificing of quality, in the solution selected

Is there a difference in the way that fabrics hang and are they an important consideration in the window treatments I am considering?

Yes there is indeed a difference in the way different fabrics hang when used as a component of your window treatments. 


Your choice of fabric composition will need to take into account a number of considerations which is most easily explored by dividing fabrics into three fundmental types. 


  • Polyester

  • Natural fibre fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool and linen

  • Blended fabrics. 




Polyester is a man-made fiber, a product of the petroleum industry. Polyester drapery fabric is fade resistant, does not absorb water readily and, depending on the weight, may drape well. It is less expensive than most man-made fiber fabrics and can be dyed to any color. Polyester fabric can be made to look and feel like silk, rayon or cotton, but it will retain its own properties. Polyester is wrinkle resistant, but should it wrinkle, removing the crease may be difficult. Because it is a man-made fiber, it is also prone to pilling and static. Generally a curtain made from 100% polyester is prone to flairing and static buildup.  Polyester fabrics tend to be cheaper than natural fibre fabrics which offers advantages if budget constraints are an issue in the selection of a window treatment. 


Natural Fibre Fabrics

Generally natural fibres such as cotton, silk, linen and wool 'breathe' which is something that synthetic polyester fabrics do not. They are not affected to the same degree by the effects of staic build-up and tend to hold their shape better than synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics, however, are more prone to creasing and are less stain-reistant. They also tend to be less durable than synthetic fabrics, which is an important consideration when considering window treatments in high traffic areas, or which will operated frequently thoughout their lifetime. Natural fibre fabrics are typically more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, an important consideration given a substantive percentage of the total cost of a curtain window treatment, attributed to the fabric selected and used.


Polyester Blends

Polyester is often blended with other fibers for qualities that will make the fabric more suitable for specific applications. Cotton is added for softness, absorbency and breathability. In drapery fabric, the addition of cotton enhances what drapers refer to as the “memory” of the fabric. Pleats will stay in place better, for example, if the fabric contains some natural fibers. Polyester is most often blended with cotton but may be blended with rayon, silk, nylon or elastine.

Blended fabrics offer a good compromise when it comes to the selection of fabrics for curtain window treatments, allowing for treatment solutions that are both durable, while at the same time holding their shape and allowing the purchase of a treatment that is less expensive and easier to maintain than wholly natural fibre solutions.

What do you mean by 'fullness' and what does it mean to my window treatment solution?

Fullness is an important factor in the presentation of a window curtain treatment. Fullness is a term used to describe the amount of fabric in excess of that which is required to cover the window when the curtains are closed. As the fabric component of any curtain treatment can be one of the largest contributors of cost in the overall pricing of a curtain, the amount of fullness quoted can be a key and substantive differentiator of cost when comparing quotes between two curtain suppliers. 


The conventional rule of thumb and Australian industry standard as espoused by the Window Coverings Association of Australia (WCAA) is that there be at least two times fullness for a drape and 2.5 times fullness for a sheer curtain. 


Cost considerations are not the only reason for fullness being an important element in the design of a curtain window treatment solution. Fullness can have a direct and quite dramatic impact on the overall appearance and aesthetic of a curtain treatment once hung.  


Ideal Drape Makers strictly adhere to the recommended industry standard even though we are often pressured by customers who have received cheaper quotations utilising the same fabric but where fullness has been sacrificed as a means of reducing the price offered by the competitor. In thsse situations, it is our policy to advise the client on the importance of fullness in the overall appearance of our quality curtain treatments. We will not, and do not, use fullness reduction as a means of ensuring competitive quotation; as it is not in our interest or that of the customer's,  to trade-off fullness in exchange for a cheaper price. 


Window treatments that comprise of quality fabrics, materials and components, if not correctly manufactured to recommended industry standards, is a recipe for customer disappointment and disatisfaction when the installed treatments fail to deliver the 'wow' effect that Ideal Drape Makers prides it's self on creating as an accompanyment with each and every solution we provide. 

Do I need lining and what are the important considerations in relation to the quality of lining selected?

Ideal Drape Makers only utilises high quality linings from Charles Parsons in the manufacture of its window treatment products. 


A good lining is essential to protect your decorative drapery fabric from harsh UV rays which could damage even high quality textiles if used as backing to these textiles. High quality lining also provides superior thermal insulation - wheteher you want to stay warm in the winter, or cool in summer.


Charles Parsons linings have been extensively tested and specifically developed to meet Australian and New Zealand performance requirements. Unlike many inferior linings on the market, Charles Parsons linings range is dry-cleanable and washable, and are supported by a three year guarntee which stand as testament to the quality, reliability and performance of their product. 


Too often we hear stories of people who have purcahsed cheap window treatments, some with quality curtain or roman blind fabrics which they discover to there dismay, some time later, they cannot clean or which sag and loose shape because the incorrect lining was utilised.


The use of stiffened lining specifically designed for the manufacture of Roman blinds is essential and there have been many horror stories of people purchasing cheap Roman Blinds which, while looking great when first installed, soon sag and detract greatly from the appearance and aesthetic of the window treatment and also detract from the appearance and design vision of the room in which they are installed. 


As quality curtain and Roman Blind lining is over twice the price of the inferior and relatively inexpensive linings, it is understandable that many a customer has been disappointed after opting for a treatment solution that is presented at a substantially lower cost than window treatments purchased from reputable suppliers that have been in the business for many years. - Suppliers who have earned a reputation that is based on honesty and integrity. 


Whether you purchase your lined window treatments from Ideal Drape Makers or another reputable supplier, it is imperative that you insist on only high quality linings, thus ensuring your window treatments will stand up to the harsh UV conditions of this country; are able to be washed and/or dry-cleaned,  and will hold there shape and look good for many years. 

How much experience does Ideal Drape Makers have in installing window treatments? What assurances do I have that they will perform the installation with the utmost care?

Ideal Drape Makers is a second generation family of Window Treatment Specialists. Our installers regularly receive training and product updates from our supplier vendors. 


Installations are performed with all due care and diligence. It is the property owner's responsibility to advise of any hazards or obstructions either before or at the time of installation as Ideal Drape Makers will not be held responsible for damages arising from incidents such as the damaging of hidden wiring, water pipes, air conditioning conduits or other hazards, the existence of which, we are not made aware. 


Rest assured that our installers are amongst the most experienced in the industry and take neither short-cuts, or proceed with elements of the installation, if doubts exist as to the risk of material damage to your property. 


Please be advised that it is against health and safety regulations for our installers to work without appropriate protective footwear. They will, however, make every effort to ensure that their footwear is clean prior to entering your premises. 


Although our installers will sometimes remove pre-existing window treatments as as a courtesy. Pulling down or dismantling existing window treatments is normally subject to addition charges. Please ensure you either remove window treatments that are to be replaced prior to the arrival of our installers or ensure that arrangements for our installers to remove pre-existing window treatments is discussed with Ideal Drape Makers at the time of the Installation scheduling.

What qualities do I need to be assured of in my selection of fabrics? What features should I look for?

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We would like to invite you to leave feedback and any suggestions on how we can make this FAQ better if you feel we have not addressed an FAQ question adequately, or you feel we need to add further questions and answers to this FAQ; please comment below. Our FAQs are 'living guides' so we intend to update them regularly and incorporate the feedback we receive. 




The IDM Family.



What is your budget?
What is your budget?

Reputable retailers DO NOT 'pad-up' the price to meet your budget limit. An indication of your budget range gives us the ability to develop a solution that does not sacrifice quality for price. If you have your heart set on a solution that is beyond your current budgetary constraints, we will be the first to tell you to wait until you can.

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Fullness Counts!
Fullness Counts!

As fabric comprises one of the largest components of price, skimping on fullness can reduce the price dramatically. Don't be fooled by a cheaper price where fullness has been sacrificed.

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Insist on expert installers
Insist on expert installers

A poor or shoddy installation can make even the highest quality curtains look bad. Insist on qualified and experienced installers that will respect your property and take the time to do the job properly.

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Installer Care
Installer Care

All IDM installers are qualified and take the utomost care during our installations. We are members of the Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) and the Window Coverings Association of Australia (WCAA). We care because a bad installation can make even the highest quality window treatments look bad.

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